Artoolkit rotation issue - anyone had it?

You can see the HPR values on the top-left corner.

I can’t get a front-facing figure.

Don’t know how to solve it…

same problem here… but also no idea how to fix this…

mathematical issue. it’s extremly inaccurate to calculate the rotation if the plane is orthogonal. so my guess is,the artoolkit programmers simply avoided those angles and took the last “sane” known angle while beeing inside this un-precise area. using a more advanced image detecion algorithm one could improve this. but it’s not part of artoolkit or panda.
it’s just how things work numerically, there is little you can do to fix it unless you improve the algorithms themselfs.

It’s probably possible to add some kind of smoothing to the movement - by interpolating the HPR values between frames. This will not solve the actual problem, but it will make it less noticeable, especially when rotating the pattern quickly.