artoolkit multimarker tracking

i need some help with some artoolkit related stuff.

The Problem: I dont want to have a physical marker for every Objekt in my game, instead of this thought about reparenting models to one marker which is representating the ground plane of the game. The main problem is, when i offset/move a model away from the marker it starts jumping arround and shaking because of the rotaion of the marker. The marker has minimal rotation changing every frame, its not noticeable when the model is small and stands directly on top of the marker but is looking realy bad the further i move the model away from the marker and the bigger the model is scaled.

1.: My idea what could fix this behavior: multiple markers that all together representate the ground plane (each of them with a fixed offset to each other). Then i would have to reparent the model to the closest marker every time when i move a model arround. This should theoreticaly work right? Or does somone have a simpler idea about how to fix this?

2.: Another idea i had: Just not to reparent the model to the marker but instead moving it to the location of the marker and set the same rotation the marker has but not relativ to the marker, should this work? I tried something like this but couldnt get it work…have to do some further teting… but im not even sure if that should work theoreticaly, it’s breaking my mind ;D

3. I found that artoolkit already implements a method for tracking such groups of markers which are on one plane, described her: … lmulti.htm, but it doesnt seems to be implemented into panda, right?

I also need this “Multimarker-setup” for beeing able to always show my models, even if the user occludes one pattern, so i could use another one to find the ground-plane position/orinientation.

i am very thankful for every helpful word, thanks in advance!