Artist looking for something to do!

Hello, I am Katch and this is my story. (Or not. Just sorta-kinda skip this next paragraph if you want to get to the point.)

A very long time ago, I got the gamer bug and thought that I wound try to make a videogame. Like any noob, I tried out a ton of different gaming engines, looking for the one that was right-ish for me. I had a little bit of experience with 3D modelling and downloaded some 3D modellers, too. I couldn’t use Blenders complicated layout, and 3DS Max is expensive, so I gave Anim8or a download and practiced. Now, I am a pretty good character/object modeller, even though I can’t rig/animate them. I then went through engine after engine, trying to learn some code. I have a few coding basics down for a few languages, like C, but it’s not enough to make the games I want. Creating an entire game by myself is daunting, and I don’t want to do it alone.

Basically, I need to start/join a team of my own if I ever want to make a videogame.

I am offering to make 3D models, 2D sprites, and graphic art for any dev team for free if you are willing to work out how we can get everything through the pipeline correctly. :confused:

Anybody interested?

Hi, how about instead of one of us starting a team and ‘leading it’ (if that’s what you had in mind anyway) we start a partnership?

I am basically the exact opposite of you… I suck (well ok I can do a little, I hate it) at making artwork.
(which is really bad, I want to make video games)

I rock at coding though, and I can build some very neat games over time (typical online networked video games aka. MMORPG if you want to be all typical about it >.>)

recently I coded this Maplestory ‘like’ video game called White Mirror Online

(the artwork was from someone I knew in person)
I coded it, though

I’d be willing to build a 3d explorable world with you (I know I know, everyone has alot of talk about building video games, what I’m saying is I can code the game, given enough time, to be exactly how we want it)

The only downside to my proposition is… well you would be lead of artistic design :wink:

I could however fix our pipeline issues and (probably) rig the characters with small animations (walking / jumping or so)

so… I ask you, would you be interested in a partnership or building an 3d online networked explorer game (MMORPG, with a cross in the massive due to us lacking a professional advertising team)?


Hey. Though I don’t have a place on my team currently for a full time artist, I could use some help with a few GUI icons if you are willing. Its for a fantasy RPG. If you can do animated stuff that would be even better. (You need only do two frames. One for mouse over and one for not.)

Here is what I need:

Attack icon - Maybe a sword or something.

Escape icon - Boots or something.

Item icon - A bag.

Spell technique icon - An old book.

Swap out icon - I don’t really know…



@Powerpup118: happiness joy I would love to start a partnership with you! Did you already have an idea in mind? Or do you wish to come up with something together? I actually have several gaming ideas/concept art/doodles for an online game stashed in a notebook somewhere.

@Sothh: I will try. Do you want them PMed to you or posted?

Thanks. PM will do fine.

If you could make them in PNG format, at 64X64 that would be perfect.

Okay, as it turns out my original thoughts where a little bit off. I was contacted by “adr” on the forums and he’s offered to help code the game :wink:

You will be the lead artist, and you can choose which license to put your artwork under.
(CC)Creative Commons, is a good open source license that basically says anyone can use your artwork as long as they give you credit.
CC-BY is the same as the above except it states that nobody else can use it for commercial use.
I suggest one of the two licenses above, I really like sharing artwork. If you want though, we could also say artwork is closed-source, owned by you.

as far as idea’s, it’s an MMORPG fantasy game, I only say fantasy because you, as the artist, are to decide how it looks and what we put into it. Of course I’ll give you feedback too.

(“adr” and I where also curious if we could contact you through yahoo IM, or some other form of IM?)

if you have the panda3d web plugin, you can try a ‘demo’ of mine that I made just yesterday here, please note it only demonstrates the terrain we will use
so as for terrain, I can handle that completely.

What we would need is, some sort of character (honestly I really like the anime/chibi characters of yours, they look really cartoon-ey) and we would also need some buildings/trees/stuff to go onto the terrain.

while talking to “adr” licensing came up as a possible issue, that’s why I suggested a very open license. Of course, I really want to make sure that this is an even non-leader-based partnership between us all.
I’d also really like to make sure that any of us can just ‘ditch’ the whole project if any one of us wants to. I think if you ditch the project the code that you made (in the case of me and adr), should be yours. As for artwork, it’s yours.

I think we should all license under permissive licenses, that way we all equally own the whole game, as much as the next person. For instance I suggest the Apache v2.0 license for our code, which basically says that anyone can use the code (even commercially) as long as we get credit for it.
I dunno for sure how adr feels about this, or how you feel about it either, I’d just like to say that it would suck for any of us to get into some weird legal debate together. Especially when we could be building a very cool video game.

I say we all build an open source video game, somthing similer to Yo Frankie!, this will allow me, you, and adr to all say we where the ones who built it. And of course, we could all play it.

So I dunno for sure how this is all going to work out, I’m thinking for now I’ll host the game on my servers (unfortunetly it will be on the “” domain, instead of one directly tied to our game, however the front page of the site will reflect our video game immensely)

I think if we all sort of ‘own our parts, and share them with eachother’ that any one of us can break out of it should we want to (which I think is an important thing), and go off and do something else with any code/artwork that was built from it.

This is just my opinion, so feel free to let me know what your thoughts are, especially about licensing, and the artwork.

As for the pipeline, can you export to some file format like .blend(best)? .3ds(normal)? or possibly .dae(collada)(which is good too)

and if we can try to keep textures to the power of two (256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc…), that would be really amazing, of course, I can always resize them myself as we go along, so no worries, I’m more than willing to get my hands dirty with the artwork.

I’m hoping to get one character that I rig with a walking animation, for the main character. And then possibly some hats, or something cute that we could allow players to place onto their characters. They’d be able to find them around the world, or something.
Lemme know what you think, your opinion means alot to me.

Best of luck,

I think a CC-BY licence should be done for the whole game, simply because it would stink if someone was making a lot of money off of our stuff. But overall, do what you want. Your right about the stickyness of legal issues and I wouldn’t mind doing an open license.

I am glad you like my “anime/chibi characters” because that is my prefered art method for a happier game. (I can do a darker, Invader Zim-ish style, but my idea requires something lighthearted and sweet)

I can export to .3ds and .dae (never tried .dae, though) and the textures can be easily adjusted to the specified sizes.

I can also do terrain, as well. You don’t have to worry about that unless you WANT to do it.

I have a hotmail account, which I think has an IM…And gmail has an IM thing too.

You want ME to direct the ENTIRE art style of the game?! Be careful, I can be abstract at times. :laughing: Anywho, I already had an idea for the game. If you/adr would have any difficulty coding the gameplay, let me know, and I can adjust it to make it more doable. I am very open to suggestion.

In the game, you play as a “Suyo”, which is this little guy right here. You can choose the color of the suyos clothes, and I guess you could collect garments (jewels, bells, etc) for his little hat. The NPCs are these things called “Squidlings” Good squidlings grow up to turn into Galaxies, which Evil Squidlings grow up to become Red Giants or Black Holes.

The Suyos can collect stars in order to make “Constalations”, which are used in place of weapons or armour.

When you collect enough stars, you enter the creation screen, via some npc in each town or whatever, then you choose the “type” of constalation that you want to make.

At lv 1, the only constalation you can make is a “Throwing” constalation, which means that you can throw your constalation at enemies for damage. But as you level up, you can make others such as a “Slashing” constalation (swords), a “Shooting” constalation (guns or arrows), and (When you reach the level cap) a “Detonator” constalation, which creates a supernova when activated.

One you choose your type of constalation you want to make, you are brought to a screen where you drag and drop stars onto a screen in order to create your weapon. You can assign “labels” onto specific stars, which affects how your weapon will act. (i.e, the star labeled “Handle” will be the part of the weapon held by the Suyo)

Then you click the “Finish” button, pay the npc, (The more stars, the greater the cost) and go explore the area!

The end result of your constalation would end up looking something like this.

And since the whole thing takes place in fantasy space, you can do neat things like walk along the milkyway or something. If that can’t be done, it can be simplified to stars=currency or we could do something completely different.

As for the whole being able to “ditch” the project thing, I’m okay with that, but I would like some degree of loyalty in our team. I don’t want to be halfway done with the game, get exited about it, and then have a crucial coder leave the team suddenly. But I can understand your logic behind that, so I’m okay with it. :slight_smile:

Could you PM me your gmail address? that sounds like the best option for me. I think soon I will have a friend (or myself) set us up our own forum that we could collaborate on, that way we could make multiple topics on different subjects or something, I dunno yet.

I really like the idea of using CC-BY for the artwork, because I think artwork is unique to the style of game. (aka super mario would never use our main character in place of mario, for instance) and I agree that no company should just jump in and steal everything we have and make money off it, of course.

My only concern about a CC-BY - type license for the code itself, is that it would be sort of going against the community (this is only my opinion, though)
It seems both you and adr would like to license the code under a non-commercial license, which makes sense in the fact that no company could steal everything, but here are my only points:

A. Panda3d was made under a commercial use license, otherwise there would be no chance we could build a commercial game ourselves in it. Otherwise most of us would have probably looked for a different engine.

B. I think the idea of building video games should be open, and free. I think if a company wants to use our very specific to our video game - based code, that they can do so if they want. (However, they’d have to say that we where the original creators of the code, and provide any link to our website)

C. As long as our artwork is under CC-BY, if someone even so far as attempts to sell our video game, with any bit of artwork we made in it, we can sue them.

This is why I chose CC-BY artwork and a ‘free for commercial’ use license on code, if I was a company or scam artist and I honestly though that someone would pay for this video game, I think I would probably hire the small group of people that built it, instead of trying to steal it and running into severe legal trouble.

^That’s just my thoughts on code licensing, however I did think about the fact that Toontown’s source code is non-open source, and that Pirates of the Carribean online is non-open source as well.
I think it’d be more fair if we distributed code under a free commercial license. In my thoughts it’s a “Who would want a whole bunch of code that nobody they know know’s how to use?”

Okay, now on to other stuff:
.3ds should work fine, we’ll test it for the first model, which I think can be the Suyo character model.
I think bells/etc for the hat is a good idea. In panda3d I can attach any 3d model to any bone (so I’ll place a bone inside the ear, and the bell will attach to it) I think maybe we can worry about that later, though.

As for the color of the Suyo’s clothes, do we want an ingame thing to change the color? Or possibly just several different models? (red, green, blue, black, purple, pink, etc?) with a simple drop down menu?
^that’s really totally up to you, I personally think it’d make more sense to have a drop down menu or something.

I really like the idea of the Squidlings, only question is what determines what they grow up to be? Maybe it’d be simpler if we chose just one thing that they grew up to be. (Or maybe it’s based off where they are? like towards endgame they are Black Holes, and mid-game they are Red Giants?)

I think choosing a ‘type’ of constellation(weapon) may be too hard. What if instead, each level, you gain (two/three) constellation stars, and then it lets you drag and drop the appearance of your weapon?
Then to determine damage, it would be how many constellation stars you have. So for instance level two you would do 6 damage, level 100 (if we’re going that high) you would do 100 * 3 = 300 damage, or something like that, based off how many constellation stars you have?

I think it may be confusing for the user if the star’s have ‘tags’ (it sounds confusing to me, a little even)
So what if instead one of the stars was colored red when you clicked on it, and has text over it saying “The is the star your character will hold” or something like that, with a preview on the screen somewhere?

As far as animation, what if several (7) of your weapons fell from the sky, down to the ground at whatever place you clicked on? If a monster was there, they get hit.

I really like the idea of stars=currency (and we would just say that constellation stars, or something else, are the stars used to make weapons)
However the idea of ‘walking on the milky way’ sounds bad, for two reasons:
A. We would have to make the terrain in a 3D tool
B. I have another idea, I dunno if you’ll like it.

Currently, I have set up the terrain (in the demo I posted) so that it’s generated by a simple image made in Gimp, and then textured with a different image.

Which makes it incredibly simple to create maps, and I can texture them to look like planet-type things.
I dislike the idea of having a “star-ey sky”, I hate video games that have really dark (black skies with stars) like it’s night time, to be honest they freak me out a little.

So what if instead your Suyo character could “visit” different planets? Like for instance, you could open your map and see all the planets you could travel to, and maybe you would have to “unlock” planets, via quests or something.
In the end we would have a map that looks like this (well, is laid out like this, because if it looked like this people would scream and run in fear, so obviously one of us would have to draw it, digitally or something)

(woops, forgot to put text on that bottom star, that one would be the Black Hole, which imo could be an endgame area, where you fight some freaky boss.

And then you could click on one to go there? It would look basically the same as the “uneven terrain” in my example demo I posted the link to, 'cept it would be textured to look like the planet itself, more.

However the sky would still be a nice blue sky :X
I hate black-star skies (I know right, how evil of me? :imp:)
But really, I think a black-star sky would take away from the light-hearted cartoon-ness of the game.

If we use the heightfield in the demo it makes it really easy to build all the maps, and then all we really have to do is deal with the content that goes on them (characters, NPC’s, maybe some tree’s, houses, or something like that)


CC-BY it is, then.

For the clothes, a drop down menu does make sense. I sort of envisioned the character creation to be like in the Sheerwood MMORPG. (Google it if you want, it’s Java based, so no downloading)

I didn’t envision the squidlings to actually be a part of the gameplay, but rather the plot.

I think messing around with 100 constalation stars may be tedious for the player to do.

Maybe, for the Alpha testing, we can just have one weapon type as a demo. (All weapons are sword-ish) But as we go along, we can just add one more here and there. I do like the idea of color-coding the stars, instad of labeling them, though.

Um…Have you ever played Grafitti Kingdom/The Magic Pengel? I envisioned the creation gameplay to be like that, but less complex. (The constalations stay 2D, and don’t blow up into a 3D image.)

The stars falling from the sky sound awesome too. I think the animation might get repetitave if you turn it into a cutscene.

No Milky Way if you dont want it, but I can handle terrain (Via Terranim8or)

I personally think starry skies are pretty. Perhaps we can compromise. We can make a skydome with an image similar to this.

Also, your map image link is broken. Can you repost it please?

Okay, though I am on the same page as far as a company stealing everything we’ve done, wanted to make sure it was clear :wink:

I’ve yet to have time to look at that, but I think I know what you mean, so I have an idea, and I’ll look at it a little later

Okay, that makes sense, sounds good to me. :smiley:

Right. I only meant that it would be based off how many constalation stars you have. It would more realistically be like 1 per level, and maybe a max of
20 or so.

Hmm… I guess what I’m debating with is, will different weapon types make your character actually do different things? Like a bow would shoot long range, and a sword/hammer would make you run up to the monster?
I was thinking a more generic “You have to be close enough to the monster”, and you can click anywhere on the ground and it’s sort of like an AOE attack, regardless of how your weapon looks. Like it might look like you have a bow, it would still be a standard AOE star attack on wherever you clicked on the ground.
Same thing with a sword, hammer, or whatever. I dunno how detailed you want to get into weapons, but that would make my life sooo much easier if the visual’s where seperate from the actual physical attacking.

I’ve never played it, or even heard of it tbh.
I’ll look it up and see if I can find a relative picture. Do you mean that the creation for weapons would be in 2d? or that after you built your weapon it would never actually show it on your 3d character? if the latter, that seems kind of strange, could you elaborate?

Could you explain what you mean more by this? I’m a little confused, are you talking about the animation for attacking monsters? (like my idea of the standard, every weapon is an AOE star attack from the sky?)

Maybe me and you could both do terrain? I’d like to use heightfield images (and keep them relatively small), I’d really like to focus more on the objects on the terrain, and less on the shape of the terrain, what do you think?

I really like the way that sky looks, it has a nice blue feel to it, I was just concerned we might jump to the typical “Black sky, with white dots” type thing, which IMO is really unappealing.

It works for me, and even when using a proxy? Maybe try visiting the link directly?

It seems strange that you have trouble viewing it, what browser are you using?

Also, I know adr also needs to comment on this: what name should we decide on? I think the name will reflect alot based on your artwork, too.
I know I have the idea of ‘Last Worth’, that’s really just a place holder (I’m OK with using that name) I’m okay with any name as long as it’s unique, and is short, and people can spell it :smiley: I think it should be a very simplistic name? Thoughts?

As far as the skydome (could we make it a sky box? instead? with a top/front/back/left/right sides? (buttom too, if you want)) though, I suck at making sky boxes, is there any chance you or adr could be responsible for this? :wink:


Haha. Sorry I been following the post, but been very busy today.

Alright:) I do not mind if someone uses our code as a learning tool, long as they show it is ours and will not try to sell it without us on the deal to make a little money ^.-

I’m not sure yet. Usually when I make a program or wright a paper, I’ll wait till the last min or half way throw till I have an idea as to what I am working with. This way it reflect what the game really is about, so if our idea changes from what we had in mind at first, it will better reflect that.

As for a place holder, ‘Last Worth’ will work fine for me. ‘Solo Star’ seems like a good fit too.

Before we start designing how the weapon system going to work we will need an idea on how the game is going to play first. From there we can break each class down on how they will work.

  1. What is a star? A star by most people is just a white dot in space. A star usually is a sun that is giving off light, light years away, so what are our stars: planets?

  2. Will our characters be able to level? If not… how will we show them as getting stronger? I like the idea with the stars collecting to show level maybe. This way we can open it up to how good the player is instead of how much time maybe the player as spent? I might have that the other way around.

  3. Most mmorpg games have classes to help support and give rolls to players. This way a player is not over complex of what is going on in the game. How will we be splitting up the Suyos for such a way? I was thinking we could use the hat idea for this.
    O- Black Hat: spell caster that has learned to use the magic from the stars for inflicting damage.
    o- Red: idk
    o- White: spell caster that has learned to use the magic from the stars for healing.
    o- Green: Rang, has learn to be able to understand distant between the stars.
    o- Blue: idk
    0- Gray: Has learned to make and use weapons made from stars to help protect and deal damage.

  4. Another thing on our side is: mmorpg worlds are huge so we will need an ever explorable world(s). The good thing here is we can go to any star to help free it from black holes (events of such) or red novas. This way also, we can switch up the skyboxes from a dark world to a light one at will with different backgrounds to look at (we could also have day and nights on said x star).

Other Thoughts:
I like the star use on the weapons though. The more stars in your weapon, the better it will be. Sounds new compare to having to old go out and find everything a proch. We can do both though. This way, players that are having a hard time finding weapons can still be ok with a sub weapon by adding more stars to it by placing stars into their weapon as such for the sword: more into the handle for more acc or into the blade for more dmg.

Hope this works :slight_smile: Someone should wright down what we are going to use 100% so we have a better understand on what’s going on with our ideas:)

I think all of your questions are completely valid, I’m gonna wait and see how Katch respond’s to them. In the mean time I’ll keep track of idea’s and major things we need to discuss in pdf/odt format.

First review document:
ODT format PDF format


@adr: Glad to meet you! For a name, what about something like…

“Suyo Nova: Detonate the Stars!” or something like that. You guys can pick out a name, but I’m partial to keeping the “Detonate the stars” thing. (Because of that “You get to create a Super Nova at the Level cap thing”)

Our stars are used for “constalations”, which create weapons. They look like the starry weapon that I put up in a previous post of mine.

I thought the level up system could be the tried and true “kill a baddie, gain EXP” type thing, and as you level up, you get to do more stuff with your Constalations.

I’m not so sure about a class thing. I shall have to think about that.

Maybe, there should be separate planets, or galaxies, that have dying suns, which are guarded by huge Shadow of Colosus esque constalation bosses (Orion the Warrior, Cancer the Crab, etc.)

As for “doing both” in terms of gameplay, I think we should only focus out attention on one so that we can focus on making it a main part of the gameplay.


I was thinking that, maybe, you could set up a class for what “type” of weapon that the suyo has and check for it when a player attacks.

If the Suyo has an “X” (Lets say “Shooting”) type weapon, play a “shooting” animation and check to see if the Suyo is within enemie range. (If the “shooting” type weapon condition is true, make the maximum attack distance ‘X’ units, if anything else, make it ‘Y’ units and play the “Melee” animation)

The weapons will look like the picture that I posted previously, and will appear on the player as a constalation weapon. (The stars themselves aren’t flat, but the weapon itself is not in 3 dimmension)

When you suggested a “falling star” attack, there can be a real time animation, but don’t make it a mini-epic cutscene EVERY TIME you attack. I have seen other games do something like that before, and I turned my console off after 3 levels.

Grafittit Kingdom is a wierd Japanese Taito game where

“The player is able to create characters (known as “Graffiti Creatures”) by drawing its body parts and assigning a function (such as “leg” or “head”) to each part”

Such was my idea of “labeling” of color coding each star to an assigned function. (such as “handle”) But instead of “drawing” it like on this game, theres a simple “drag and drop the stars” interface with this game concept.

If you still have trouble getting what I’m talking about, there should be a few gameplay videos of it on YouTube.

We can both do Terrain. I can create anything from a heightmap, then subdevide it for smoothness. My terrain looks kind of like this:

Black sky with white dots? I find that unappealing too, but I still wish to get a “space and stars feeling” to the game. So galaxies it is?

As for skyboxes/domes, you can do whatever you’d like. I can try to create the scenery, but no garuntees that it will turn out perfect.

And I can see the map now. I’ll see what I can do for a new one.

[EDIT] I made pictures to illustrate.

[EDIT][EDIT] I re-read your post. I’m very sorry. I completely misunderstood what you meant by “aoe attacking”, but now I do. (I haven’t played AOE, but I played AOM, and I still get what your trying to say)

Yes, we could do that. :slight_smile: But wouldn’t the Suyo stil have to run up a certain distance toward an enemy and attack?

Thats a great game idea!

Cant wait to see what happens with it.

Any progress on my icons?

I have the Swithc out icons and the Attack icons finished.


Could we make it just one animation? Or are you really good at building animations? <- I ask that because animating is really tough for me (I can do simple things like walking, but I dunno if I can even create two animations for a character, we’ll have to see, I doubt I can do that)

Right. The stars are 3D, and modeled in Blender or whatever 3D tool by you. The weapons that people create though will have no depth. Only an x/y grid.

Now I’m slightly afraid, keep in mind how large these maps will be, and that
A. Collision for characters is very expensive the more you subdivide the map.
B. This game will actually use the heightmap and build it on the fly, the reason I say this is, collision against a heightmap is VERY minor.
So the maps themselves should be in
A. (heightmap image) mymap.png
and B. (high resulution texture) mymap_texture.jpg
The jpeg is almost necessary depending on how high resolution textures we want. Otherwise they just take up way too much space. Especially to dump 8 planets * 8 high resolution textures * 40MB file size if they’re PNG or targa…
So, jpg for the textures of the maps is dire. Everything else -> please use png or tga
they also support transparency

Good, sound’s like we’re on the same page.

Okay, I’m just pointing out mine will come out as the black sky with white dots :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you want me to give you a sample of what I mean about the maps being in heightmap png/jpg format?

Also, I meant AOE as Area Of Effect - type animations. Basically, you click the ground somewhere (as if you’re going to attack the monster, right there) and then your characters run’s up to them or attacks the monster from long range (depending on if you have a melee weapon or long-ranged weapon) and then the attack animation plays, which basically looks like a while bunch of stars exploding right where you clicked. No cut scene, all live, on the spot, you can do other stuff while the animation plays.

It would look like in this video at the time 00:52, except it would have little stars everywhere, instead of just that swirly thing.

Yes, each weapon will still have it’s own attributes like how close you have to be to the monster. (the different ‘weapon’ classes, you where mentioning.)


P.S. To choose between the names, could we each choose (someone elses) name for the game that we like best? For instance I choose yours or Adr’s name, Adr chooses my or your name, you choose my or Adr’s name, and then whichever name is liked the best is what will be used?
Everyone okay with that? I just want to get a name ASAP.


Second review document:
ODT format PDF format

We can make it one animation, unless we can find an animator. I can try and make an animation, if you’d like. Or we can get some work done on the project (up to the point where we atleast have a demo) and then look around on the Blender forums or something in order to find a better animator.

Since your the coder and have to do the collision, I will let you do the terrain, then.

I can make the actual images for the skybox. What I’m asking is, can you set it up?

An example of the heightmap would be nice, thank you.

About names: My official name suggestion is

Suyo-Suyo Supernova. I vote for mine and adr’s.

PS: Just to establish this, your okay with the weapon creation thing. It’s not gunna make you pull your hair out, right?

OI JA! I made a boss model. I’ve made others, but they’re not quite ready yet. (Still deciding if I should give the Elder Squid an epic stache or not) As for buildings and stuff, I kind of want to make a seashell house…Like the ones you see in Magicant (If you’ve ever played Mother1) What do you think about that?

Nice, I like the Elder Squid :slight_smile: I started working on some of the code for a hour or so, but I need more details on what we like to start seeing first.

*Note, most of this is for powerpup118.

From what I have idea on:
Networking api (network IO, Updates, anything else)

Object api (Information on objects, weapons, and whatever else.)

Player api (Information on player, other players, npc, and maybe monsters?)

Music api (Controls what is being played in the program)

Some way to save some basic information.

but what about:
Menu api (how much detail… like Steam or just something simple with a login and character creation?)

Will the client be able to have more than one character?

How will players get around to the stars?

Hold area:
So where are we placing the images, 3d, and code we make at?

I’ll vote for mine and Katch’s name. lol That doesn’t really work, but Katch’s name seem to work the best for right now.

Other thoughts:
powerpup118, if you can, can you please edit the “ideas book” to have two areas. One for facts that we are using and two for ideas that we like to see? This way we wont get confused either:)

Like you figured, I can’t answer most of that. :confused:

However, I figure that the method of transportation could be a Morrowind-esque “explore around until you find a destination”

If you’ve already been to a location, it will appear on your map.

When do you want me to send you the character models?

Ok that works fine. I figure we would do something like that.

Also, what about the menu before the game. I figure we will need a login/password, but how detail should we make that? More than one makeable player?

I’m not sure where yet. That’s why I was asking for a place to store our things:)