Are unseen fragments shaded?

Given an object that it partly within the (default) camera’s view, and to which a shader has been applied, will the fragment-shader be run for fragments that fall outside of the view?

(I presume that the vertex-shader will be run, as it may transform the vertices to be within view. However, if I’m mistaken in this, please do correct me!)

(Presume for the sake of this question that Panda’s node-culling has not removed the object from consideration; let’s say that it has an OmniBoundingVolume applied.)

To explain, I’m trying to come up with an approach to handling a particular object in a project that I’m working on. And one concern that has occurred to me is that it’s very big, and thus that there may be a performance impact if its shader is run for every potential fragment, even those well beyond the bounds of the camera.

No, they are clipped by the scissor test.

Ah, great–that is a relief, then! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer! :slight_smile: