Are there C++ examples?

Hello everyone,
I’m a currently unemployed programmer on the job hunt so in my new found spare time I decided I would check out some of the free game/rendering engines out there.

Panda looks to be a very nice engine (possibly even the best free one out there), but I was a bit dismayed that the included samples were all in Python. Are there any C++ versions of the included samples (or other samples) around somewhere? Me and Python don’t really get along since our fight some years ago and we haven’t spoken since.

I guess a related question would be, is C++ a reasonable approach to utilizing Panda? My general take is that the C++ documentation was lacking or at least worse than it’s python cousins making me wonder if going the C++ route will lead to massive headaches.

If so, what’s the general approach for C++ Panda? Do most devs download the source and sift through that, or do you make due with the manual or plow through the API? All of the above?

Thank you all for your time :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

There is indeed not much documentation available, but many API’s are similar with Python and C++, and there are some examples (like the Roaming Ralph in C++ example at the forums).

The API reference and source code are always useful to look at.

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

I found the roaming ralph in C++ and I’ll be looking through that in tandem with the API reference. I’ve also completed the “your first program” steps in the manual.

Thanks for the help rdb!

Hi there Weaver

I’m like you, a C++ programmer.
I was laid off from an aerospace company a year ago from August but got contacted from another company a few days later, so I was pretty lucky. I started looking at game programming soon after my layoff notice and also had a couple online python courses, but still not use to it. I’ve played around with Ogre3d for a while and now Panda3d. Currently writing a SceneViewer that reads XML files to set up the scene with: terrain, water plane,sky dome, models (trees,grass,house,characters, etc), effect (smoke,fire,fountain)

Been looking at python examples and finding the C++ functions in API and checking this forum a lot :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll have fun with Panda and learn about game engines. Ogre3d is not a game engine but a render engine, but it’s pretty cool too, and people have used that as part of their game engines, and it’s C++.

hang in there,