archimedean dynasty (a.k.a. schleichfahrt) remake


currently I am working on a schleichfahrt remake ( … /index.htm ).
Goal of this project is to rewrite schleichfahrt and to add new content (coop-mode,models,sounds,textures,story,dialogs etc.).
I am using Panda3d for input,collision,sound,rendering and gui. Furthermore I use syncsys ( ) for networking and an project-own module written in C++ (with boost.python) for loading the original game data.
Currently one need an original version of the original game for playing this game (or at least the demo data from the link above for testing).
The story-mode is completely implemented and working. The fight-mode is still under developement. Currently the static gamedata could be all loaded, the physics of the players boat behaves like the original one, shooting and destroying works properly and the network is finished too.
But there are still many things which have to be done:
-HUD is missing
-the condition in the missionfiles are not totally understood yet
-AI is currently completly missing
-the new content is missing (new fency models/textures/sounds/shaders etc.)
-the modules and the code are already ported on linux, but cannot be distributed (waiting for 1.7.1). Support for mac is completely missing (no mac avaible)

the source and bins can be found here:

If someone is interested in the flair of this old 3d-veteran and wants to help it to get a new painting and some fency new stuff just contact me.