Arcade flight shooter update


The game is currently at this stage:

…though there are sound effects, my screen recorder didn’t capture audio for some reason. This is the game somewhere in between Issues 4 and 5 of the website for those who have been following. :slight_smile:

It’s shaping up nicely I think. Lots to be done, but progress is progress.



That looks cool. What are you using for terrain? What is that red ring I saw when plane vanished?


Terrain was originally a GeoMipTerrain, images generated using L3DT:

…but then I set brute force to True on the GeoMip and forced it out to a BAM for speed:

The red ring is exactly that! A flat square model with a red ring (and transparency) texture. The code simply positions it where the player is then scales it over a number of frames to give the effect.



Some updates… including Enemy AI, Picture in Picture and more. :slight_smile: