Applying gloss map

I can’t make the gloss map work. What is wrong?
The archive with egg and textures:
In few words, I have this in the egg:

<Texture> TerrainTilesGloss {
  <Scalar> envtype { gloss }
  <Scalar> uv-name { UVTex }

But it makes no difference…
The specularity is also mentioned in

<Material> TerrainTiles {
  <Scalar> diffr { 1 }
  <Scalar> diffg { 1 }
  <Scalar> diffb { 1 }
  <Scalar> specr { 0 }
  <Scalar> specg { 0 }
  <Scalar> specb { 0 }
  <Scalar> shininess { 0 }

but removing these values or changing also doesn’t make the gloss map to work.
Maybe, my gloss maps are wrong?

I don’t know. They work for me, but maybe you have a case that doesn’t work. Go ahead and mail me the model, and I’ll pview it and see how it looks.

I have put the archive with the model and textures here:

The problem is that the gloss map is missing the directive:

format { alpha }

Basically, gloss-maps need to be stored in an alpha-format texture, or in the alpha channel of some other texture.

Also, your specular color is currently set to black:

specr { 0 }
specg { 0 }
specb { 0 }

Black highlights is no highlights. Also, your shininess is set to zero:

shininess { 0 }

Counterintuitively, with shininess, smaller numbers are bigger highlights. The smallest possible number is zero, meaning that the highlight covers the entire surface. Try a shininess in the 3-50 range.

Shouldn’t gloss map overwrite the settings? I thought that settings are for per-vertex lighting, and they affect the whole mesh. While gloss map makes it possible to change specularity on per-pixel level. This way, gloss map should overwrite . Am I wrong?

Not the way I implemented it. In my design, I intentionally made the gloss map a monochrome (alpha-format) map. If you want to set the specular highlight color, you set it in the material properties.