Applying bloom filter to an entire game

Definitely a panda beginner, but perhaps one of you can help. Say I had the source code to a panda3d game (yes, you know where this is going) and I wanted to give the game a constant bloom filter. Where would I put the code to ‘activate’ the bloom? There are countless .py files, and since it isn’t my game, I’m having a hard time finding which one I’d place it in for it to be global in a way. I decided to look in some of the samples, particularly the glow one, but considering that is only one file, it didn’t help all too much in finding where to put it.

Realizing this is a case-to-case basis more or less, I can post the source if it could help in any way. Thanks!


Maybe you found out already, but does the game you have open with short cut like the sample programs? If so, in the target path (or something I’m running dutch windows) you can see the .py it is running. In this .py you probably see an instance of a class extended with .run(). Putting in this class would be the easiest I guess.

Good luck!