App crashes after RAM rocketed

Hi, I have an app that uses lots of textures (~2000s jpgs) and geoms. The app was fine before, but when i added more textures and geoms, the app crashes without any printouts. The only thing i noticed is the sudden increase of RAM. Normally the app runs at about 800mb, when i try to load a big model, the RAM usage increases to ~1200mb and then back to 30mb and crashes. I have 16gB RAM on my laptop so should not be out of RAM issue. Any idea what is the cause of it?

side note: i saw that textures can be compressed to .txo format and reduces load time and memory. but could not find on manual how to convert jpg to .txo. help appreciated. :slight_smile:

What operating system are you using? I gather that some versions of Windows, at least, limit the amount of RAM available to any single application, so it may yet be something like that. (I do think that the limitation is higher than 1.2GB, but perhaps the attempted addressing of more RAM isn’t showing up in the usage monitor…)

after doing more tests, i find out that the app crashes at the line

print('before load')
print('after load')

i know that its not the problem of the image. It tried loading image A and then image B, it will crash at loading image B. I tried loading image B and then image A, it will crash at loading image A… it is not consistent when it is going to crash…

Also, I have put this load texture in a try-except block and it could not catch the exception, and there is no printout of the error…