Anyone want to help me make a game engine?

I am working on a free and open-source 2D/3D game engine. It will have a User Interface and will utilize Python/Lua scripting. I have already started, however I will need someone to help me out as I cannot create a game engine all by myself. The engine is created using python/pyglet/pyopengl for the core and bits and pieces of C++/Cython/PyPy for all the performance critical stuff. Once the engine will be complete I will be using Indiegogo to fund the rest so we can setup servers, etc…

The features I am working on at the moment are:

- U.I
- OpenGL stuff
- Performance monitoring/debugging
- Water caustics engine
- Physics (2D)

These are just the features I am working on, the complete engine will have much more, and will, hopefully, be a fully capable engine.

Thanks for the time!

Just curious, is this at all related to Panda3D? If not, wouldn’t you have better chances asking at a generic game development forum?