anyone know how to create a chat filter and explosions?

you know some games have filters to block bad words.well,i might need one of those filters because i had another game and people swear to much!anyone have a code for a filter so nobody can see swear words and probably ban em.banning is optional just need a filter.and i need to know how to create cartoon voilence like tnt,bombs,that stuff.


My answer is not SO related to Panda, but all you need to do is to check each string that is sent over the network for a list of badword.

I’m sure that with a little of googling, you can already find such a list. All you need to do after that is to check the strings. And to do that, this is not panda related, you need to learn Python (Or C++ if you are using C++)

For the banning, you only need a “if” that if one of the word is found, ban him.

Hope this help,