Any video support?

I was reading through the manual, and it said there was no .mgg and .avi support at the time of the writing of the manual, but to check the forums to see if that has changed. So I’m checking =)

Does panda support embedded .mpg and/or .avi support? Also, can panda bring up a flash animation in a window?

Thanks in advance,


That support has been added to Panda, and will likely be available with Panda3D 1.1.

No flash animations, though. Flash is a closed, propietary format, and Macromedia only writes plugins for web browsers.


RE: Flash
If anyone is interested, there is source code about which can load and deal with renderings here…

The format is proprietry. IIRC the macromedia license correctly, you only need to say “made with macromedia flash” somewhere in your docs to get passed any problems. However, that was over a year ago and things might have changed since then.

Excellent. Any ETA and/or a featurelist on 1.1?