any update on the blender exporter?

Just wondering if anyone is actively working on the blender exporter to add things like animation export. Does anyone have an idea how much work that would require?

The lack of a free content creation pipeline makes it hard to create anything other than tutorial programs, unfortunately.

If you’re referring to the Blender-to-egg converter that one of our users contributed, we haven’t heard from him in a while. You might write an email directly to that user (I imagine he’s posted his email address somewhere on the page where he posted the converter).

The other Blender option is to go via X file format. Although clumsy, doesn’t that approach already support animation?

In any case, we can always use volunteers to make the existing converters stronger. Would you like to volunteer?


Yes, I was refering of the blenger->egg exporter. I tried the blenger->X->egg path, but I couldn’t get animations or skeletons exported. This could easily have been my own fault, however, as I’m not terribly familiar with either panda or blender.

I might volunteer to work on the blender exporter but I can’t really promise much. I know python, but I’m not familiar with writing scripts for python or the egg format. I’m not sure how big a project I would be signing up for :slight_smile:

Anyone know how hard a complete exporter would be? How much stuff needs to be exported? I know of:

UV texture coordinates
multiple animations

Is there other stuff also?

Well, there are lots of fiddly things. Off the top of my head, I could add:

hierarchy (i.e. nodes)
opt.: misc. obscure features like LOD’s, billboards, sequences, etc.

But, in general, it’s usually not too hard to write an exporter, especially if you’re a confident C++ programmer–the Egg library provided with Panda is pretty easy to work with.