Any ideas on playing a movie in a Panda3D world

We have a project in which we are following a character walking thru a dungeon. At certain points, we want to allow the user to touch a object in the scene and have a ‘cut scene’ displace the current scene/world, play then go away to be replaced with the re-appearance of the current scene/world.
Anyone have experience with this?

Dana Moore
Jonathan Nilsson,
BBN Technologies

sorry I cant help you cuz I dont know how to open it, how do I?

There are lots of approaches for this. One approach would be to hand-script your actors in the cut scene using Intervals (see the manual for more on Intervals). Another would be to do all of the scripting in an animation package like Maya, then export the whole scene as one big animated file (the Panda3D greeting card is like this). A third possibility would be to pre-render the whole thing in an animation package like Maya, and then load and play a movie file using something like the Helix plugin or the AVI player that CMU is working on (this will require Panda3D 1.1).


:open_mouth: he said Panda 1.1 drool :smiley: