Any good Panda3d tutorial

Enough… enough… the panda3d manual in this site is absolutely confusing and too vague.

Is it there any good panda tutorial on the Internet ?

Where ?

any tutorial for gravity ?

/me shrugs
Try jumping off a cliff?


This section of the manual deals with collisionHandlerFloor, that works rather well to stay on the ground: … n_Handlers

Alternatively, you could look at the maze example that came with the panda distribution, it shows how to use a collisionRay to detect the floor height and adjust your avatar accordingly. Thats the methode I’m using now.

Searching the forums also yields alot of usefull stuff.

Good luck!

I have tried that part of the tutorial and it is very complicated to understand it.

Could you please post simple code of a panda going up the hill, or a car, or any simple code ?

Unfortunately, collision detection and handling are rather complicated tasks. What parts of the system do you understand? Would an overview of the collision architecture help?