Any Examples in C++

Hi im looking for some Panda3D examples in C++. I searched the forums and found the roaming ralph example but to my dismay the link to download it was no longer working. Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi fellow Panda C++ programmer

I guess we are a minority, and examples are few. The forums are a big help even though there is more python work being done. I haven’t had too much trouble translating some of the python lingo into C++; for example: a python NodePath node.setPos is node.set_pos
in C++; most of the member functions are like that, all lower case with a “_” separating the word parts.

I do have the Roaming Ralph C++ demo on my PC; I tried the link again and you’re right, it’s not there.
Maybe I can zip it up and email it to you.


Thanks I would really appreciate that. :smiley: