Any decent Panda tutorials?

I’ve tried searching for some tutorials but most of them are in 1.6 or like on the website are poorly explained. Can anyone help? I wouldn’t mind being tutored as well

The place to start, I think, would be the manual’s “Hello World” tutorial–it should walk you through some of the basic elements of using Panda. The tutorial begins on this page, I believe.

Beyond that, what elements are you looking for coverage of in tutorials, specifically? Perhaps there are specific tutorials available via the forums.

Finally, you may find some instructive code if you search the forums, and in particular the “Code Snippets” and “Showcase” sub-fora.

How’s this? I found a google play e book but it’s in 1.6 Panda… … pg=GBS.PT1 It gives clear instruction but it’s in 1.6 Panda which is obviously outdated to the current version. Should I buy the full book or keep searching?