Another project i have been working in my free time. A simple strategy game, which will need some more tweaking and a visual improvement. But it’s working and muliplayer.

Download Source:

Hmmm… maybe you want to give a hint about what to do / what its all about? :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Each player has a color.

There are 2 numbers for each “city” where troops are generated, the first one is the generation rate, the second one is the number of troops available.

By pressing “a” or “q” you increase/decrease the percentage number of units sent by mouse-drag dropping. The percentage is shown next to the fps in the right-top corner.

You can also send them over multiple cities, it’s searching the way using the a-star algorithm.

Win by conquering all of the enemies “cities”.

You can see your color by looking at your login-name, at the left top corner.

i hope that helped a little bit :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea. You may get some ideas from , which looks terribly similar. It’s a really nice (but different) strategy game : ) Go on with yours! You may have a nice game there.

Yap… played an WingCommander game some years ago that was similar… WingCommander Galaxies or what the name was… Only big difference was, that you could send different types of ships and that you could fight the wars from within an space ship you could choose…

Thanks for explaination! :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29