Ants colony simulator

This is an ants colony simulator that we made a while back, it was a college project to the study of societies and the interaction among their members, using computational methods (Adaptive Technology, Swarm Intelligence).


here is a “compiled” version (you don’t need panda3d installed):

other screens:


This looks really kewl!
Do you also have a linux version available?

Sorry but i don’t have a Linux version, but here is the files that you need to run if you have panda3d 1.3 installed. (1.4MB)

I never tested this before.
just type:
ppython (i think)

Hi iant,

Are you a research assistant or PhD student? This 3D simulation could be an addition-new article in It’s a prestige to have a paper publish in nature.

Only a tought. Because researchers are keen to use open source resources considering that getting grants/funds are difficult nowdays.

Kind Regards,