Another MMO like ToonTown uses Python with great success!

In case someone was curious if scripting with Python for an MMO is viable in the real-world, I wanted to through out there that EvE online, in addition to Disney’s ToonTown and upcoming Pirates game all use Python, the last two of course use Python with Panda3d.

I just learned of the EvE Python connection recently and I was surprised to be honest. Python has always been a well kept secret it seems.


Interestingly enough, some companies do consider what languages they use trade secrets. :smiley:

There’s a neat essay by Paul Graham (fonder of ViaWeb) about some of his language experiences while running his startup: You might be interested in what he has to say about his company’s use of Lisp.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the vast majority of code written has no business being written in system-level languages like C++. If one is building some kind of core engine that needs to talk directly to the hardware, perhaps; C and its relatives are good at bit-juggling and detailed, ‘hands-on’ manipulation. But once your program needs to manipulate text, juggle a database, or even manage large swaths of dynamic memory, a higher-level language is almost certainly the way to go.

As one of my professors said, “Oh, this thing? The one you’re trying to invent? Yeah, I have one of those. It’s called the wheel.” :wink:

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Hehe, yeah, don’t worry, I’m not divulging trade secrets, the developer of EvE (CCP) gave a presentation on how they use Python at a PyCon:

Here’s a link:

I’m a fan of the “make it as simple as possible but no more” thought.

To be honest, C++ confuses me still. I have a hard time following the code.