Another 'has_mat()' problem

Hi all -
I’m getting a ‘has_mat() && is_2d()’ assertion error when I try to load a textured egg file. I’ve read through the other posts on ‘has_mat()’ errors, which suggest that I avoid scaling things to zero in any dimensions. However, I don’t have anything scaled to zero, and I can’t figure out why it keeps giving me this error.

 Any other suggestions on what might throw this exception?

Sounds like something’s strange with the UV coordinates in the egg file. Or possibly the texture matrix defined in the egg file (or, if you are defining a texture matrix in Python code, a texture matrix defined that way).

I’m guessing that you have a texture matrix set in the scene graph that represents a 3-d transform, as well as another one that represents a 2-d transform, and Panda’s getting unhappy trying to compose the two of them.

This is just a shot in the dark–do you get this error when you pview the model on its own, or only when you load the model in your application?


It will load in pview, but only about half of the textures show up.

Is that diagnostic of anything?

I suspect there are two different problems, then. The problem that causes half of your textures not to show up is probably unrelated to the has_mat() assertion, which is probably caused by something your Python code is doing.