Annoying error messages at init


I’m running a ShowBase in Python with the following configuration:

framebuffer-software 0
framebuffer-hardware 0
load-display pandagl
aux-display p3headlessgl
aux-display pandadx9
aux-display pandadx8
aux-display p3tinydisplay
notify-level fatal

I get this error messages before actually falling back to p3tinydisplay successfully:

Attempt to register type x11GraphicsPipe more than once!
Attempt to register type x11GraphicsWindow more than once!

Is it possible to get rid of them ?

Apparently those error messages are sent to std::err systematically without any mechanism to avoid it:

I guess redirecting std err to /dev/null completely is not an option if I still want to get fatal error messages ?

Thank you in advance.

It’s a consequence of a lack of architectural separation between the windowing and display code, causing some classes to be loaded twice. Fixing that will require solving this issue.

Specifically, the problem occurs when pandagl and p3tinydisplay are both loaded into memory.

However, I’m open to thinking about some workaround for this.

Yes that’s what I guessed. It is not a big deal in practice, so it is fine like this. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something :slight_smile: Thank you anyway !