Animator/concept artist/modeller available for work

Animation, concept art, environment modelling.

I have worked as an intern in a AAA game studio, just finished my degree in animation, now looking for freelance.

$20 per hour


In a way this looks like spam. But if you think about it maybe commercial workings around panda3d are lacking. Maybe we should think about making a commercial use sub forum?

mhm while it’s true panda lacks the commecrial buzz… i think it’s mostly used by indi dev and hobbyists who are cronically low on money and can hardly afford dedicated artist wages. so unless there is a real demand i see no reason to do so.

Hmm, well, I think I disagree. Even independent developers need artwork, and sometimes they might need to hire an artist for contract work. Anyway, maybe one of the reasons that Panda lacks attention from the bigger studios is that we don’t do anything to facilitate commercial use.

I think adding a commercial section might be a good and useful idea.


But, would it be used? Besides for semi-spam.

Hmm, the thing that differentiates spam from a legitimate ad is that spam is paid for by the hoster and/or viewer, instead of by the advertiser (which motivates the advertiser to attempt to blanket the world with his/her message, among other ills).

So, yeah, if we had an area for people to place free “ads”, it would really become just a forum for spam. We’d have to find some way to limit people from abusing the area.

I guess we could have a “classifieds” section, where we accept paid advertisements for a nominal fee, but that sure would be a nuisance to set up and maintain, and its benefit isn’t obvious.

So, maybe, never mind.