I noticed that in panda the animations are loaded seperately from the model. I’m not sure I understand how this works. Does this mean that the models aren’t imported with their animations? If not, how would you import the animations?

Follow this link: … Animations

Yes I read that. The thing is, in other engines I’ve tried, you just load the animated model into the engine and the animations are all part of the model file. What I was basically asking is where does the animation egg come from? Is it somehow extracted from the model after you’ve loaded it into panda, or are you supposed to somehow export the animations by themselves from your modeller?

Egg format is not just for models.

One egg file contains the mesh, and the others contain the (bone) animations.

there are several engines which have external animation files, unreal and half-life(only internally) know this concept,too . in panda you can choose, i think it’s possible to pack the animation data into the same file as the model. but sometimes its handy to have seperate.
usualy (for example when you use blender&chicken exporter) you can define your single animations when exporting the file. the result is one modelfile and a seperate animation file for each animation.
all those seperate animation files are very useful if you have several character whith the same animation… for example if you have 20 different rpg-characters. if you find a bug in the animation you need to export only one file and all are fixed.