Animations with Blender?


I made a walk animation with blender and now I want to use it :wink:
When I use the “Blender-egg-export” script i’ll get the following exception:

File “NodePath”, line 780, in node
AssertionError: !is_empty() at line 265

Probably the script does not export the animation at all…

The second way I tried was to export the model to .x format. The loading succeded but the animation did not work ;(

Any suggestions?
Is the .egg file format documented?

It would be great to merge two powerful open source tools like panda and blender with a good egg exporter…


The egg file format is, indeed, documented. It’s also human-readable and fairly straightforward. Were you thinking about writing a new blender exporter? If you’re a solid programmer, I bet you could do it in two to three days.

You actually have two choices. One is to actually import the panda libraries directly into blender (which, as I understand it, is written in python). Then, you could use panda’s “egg” API to build up the egg file and write it out. The other way is to just write a blender script that prints out an egg file, without the help of the panda egg libraries.

The egg documentation is tucked away in the source tree, in panda/src/doc/eggSyntax.txt. However, to make it more accessible, I’m going to cut-and-paste that file into the manual right now. Look for it in a half-hour or so.

The egg syntax documentation is now in the manual.

next, it’s time to figure out why that ‘.X’ animation didn’t work.

If the X-file for the model and animation are reasonably short (30k or less), you might actually consider cutting-and-pasting it right into the forums here. That way, we could look it over and see what went wrong.

If not, then email the two files to me. I’ll analyze.

  • Josh

Hello Dominik,

That’s right. I do also miss this feature.
(But not yet enough to write an own exporter :wink: )

The older x export scripts did not export armature animations. (I suppose you used armatures for the walk animation.) But I think there is a newer one for DirectX8 files, that does the job (at least the header comments in the script say so). I haven’t tried it yet.
Look here:

Maybe you can tell me, if it works. There will come a time when I want to use blender animations in Panda3D myself. :slight_smile: (when I learned enough about collisions and events and so on)