Animation Performance

I always wondered about this…but don’t have an answer for it…

Does the number of bones in an Armature Skeleton, during animating, have any influence on Animated Vertice Performance?

In other words, if a character was animated with a full skeleton vs a character animated with a simple skeleton… Would the character with the full skeleton consume more processing time, reducing frame rate more so than the character with the simple Skeleton?

Or maybe Vertice Count is a bigger issue than the number of Armatures (bones).

I would hate to start modeling Characters just to get it all wrong.

From what Ive learned in these forums, around 200 bones is ‘acceptable’ and 1000 is ‘ridiculously high’.
A bone moves vertices which are assigned to it, so probably moving more vertices will require to calculate more vertice’s new position. So of course it will be more costy. But I wouldnt worry about this too much. It depends on the type of the game youre making too.
I myself dont have problems with around 3000 vertices and 100 bones.