Animation Not Showing :: Exported with R91 :: Help ASAP


I just exported a little animated roboter and exported it with chicken R91.
But when I try to load it:

        self.loadModel("models/ralph")# just a test
        self.loadAnims({"stand": "data/char1_stand.x", 
                                "run": "data/char1_run.x",
                                "attack": "data/char1_hit.x"})

Nothing will appear. Why is that so?
Heres the robot in .blend and .egg :

Please help me

INFACT :wink:

if the model doesnt show up as such, you propably didnt reparent the model into the scene-graph.

the animation is missing because you moved objects. the chicken manual clearly states that the only supported animation are “armature” based, using the armature modifier.

i made a vid on how to get animations from blender to panda. i recommend watching it :slight_smile:

My Anim is reparented to render, it works when I use something like Roaming Ralph e.g.
I use IPO curves and In chicken v 1 ( already Depreciated) IPO is supported:

well… your egg file is 100% static. so it did not export any animation.
since your ipo-animation is not exported i recommend using armatures. they work for sure and you dont have to use a terribly outdated version.

I tried to export it to .x because i really need these IPOs exported, but it failed aswell!? I also cant see my char. What could be the problem?

I just found out, that when I export something to .x I cant import it again from .x .

Here is what I checked:

Anim [x]
Flip norm
Swap zy
Flip z [x]
Speed [x] ( 25 )
Then I click on export all

Is there anyother way, like exporting the ipos from blender to something else, and then convert that to .egg ?
Because I really need this ASAP

I agree with ThomasEgi about using armature for two reasons:
1- armature is too accurate and you can also control it in Panda3D
2- if you join all the meshes of your model, the arm will not move, or if you make the moving arm is the last to join then you will find the whole mesh rotate (not the arm only)[/b]

But when I have a character and a sword ( both animated ). The sword should be exchangeable and at the moment they are two seperate objects.
Should I animate the sword also with armatures?

EDIT: I would add the two objects in the program

Animate a bone or an empty where the sword should be. Then you can attach the sword you want to that joint or empty.
The looking and gripping demo does it exactly the same way.

Thank you.
But How exactly can I add the point RightHand?:

.exposeJoint(None, 'modelRoot', 'RightHand')

Im not a blender expert(someone else is doin that), is it an empty that has the Name RightHand if that is possible? How is that point marked

name the bone “RightHand”. that’ll do the trick. there is no empty, just work with the bone.

I shouldn’t have mentioned empties.
Just use an armature joint with a specific name and it will be okay.