Animation models from blender

i tried to load an animation models with extension .bam .gltf .glb but when i tried to test the animation with pyview.exe it says no animation. But i tried the same models on a website and the animation exist. i do not know what is the problem

How are you exporting the animated model? Are you using the Actor system for setup afterwards?

i tested it with pyview.exe “anim.gltf” when i click A to animate it a message appears "No animation

I would recommend trying blend2bam. This question was answered in this thread recently: Question on recommended file format for model and actor

i tried the same thing with .bam but the same error appear

If I’m to provide any more assistance, the next step is to post the code you use to instantiate the Actor.

pview.exe “/c/Users/ANASS/Desktop/PFE Master/outputobj.bam”

this is the code to test animations but when i did it the picture that i putted in the first comment appers

I do not use pview, so I’m afraid that I can’t be of much assistance here.

pyview open the panda window to see how an object looks like that’s all

To play the animation, you must combine it into a single file with the model.

the animation is in the .bam file itself

And the mesh?

Mesh and animation should be packed into a single file

what mesh ? i do not understand

What you will animate.

you mean put them in the same folder ? but when i test the animation file with pyview to see if its work it does not word

I mean merge them into a common file. It depends on the exporter, there should be options for this.


In the case of YABEE, you need to remove the check mark.

If you use, blend2bam.

--animations {embed,separate,skip}

Use: embed


i do not have the same options as you

As far as I know, it is not recommended to use .glTF directly.

Recommended exporter: