Animation Layers Not Showing Like in Blender

So, I understand that to do multiple animations, you have to create subparts consisting of geometry. My goal is to have the upper joints for subpart Upper draw back a bow while the lower walks with the subpart Lower. The implementation of this gets really screwy.

Here is the video from blender of the two animations layered together

Here is what it looks like both in pview and in the game itself

Lastly, I should note that I made sure to exclude Upper and Lower subparts from all joints used in one versus the other. Additionally, I added the overlapping logic to insure they were all separate and can be seen in the following code“Upper”, includeJoints=[‘Head’, ‘Neck’, ‘Chest’, ‘Mid’, ‘Shoulder_R’, ‘Arm_R’, ‘Forearm_R’, ‘Hand_R’, ‘Fingers_1_R’, ‘Fingers_2_R’, ‘Thumb_R’, ‘Elbow_R’, ‘Bow’, ‘Bow_String’, ‘Arrow’, ‘Cape_1’, ‘Cape_2’, ‘Cape_3’, ‘Cape_4’, ‘Shoulder_L’, ‘Arm_L’, ‘Forearm_L’, ‘Hand_L’, ‘Fingers_1_L’, ‘Fingers_2_L’, ‘Thumb_L’, ‘Elbow_L’, ‘Quiver’],excludeJoints=[‘Stomach’, ‘Thigh_R’, ‘Calf_R’, ‘Foot_R’, ‘Toe_R’, ‘Knee_R’, ‘Thigh_L’, ‘Calf_L’, ‘Foot_L’, ‘Toe_L’, ‘Knee_L’, ‘Feet_Direction’] ,overlapping=False)“Lower”, includeJoints=[‘Stomach’, ‘Thigh_R’, ‘Calf_R’, ‘Foot_R’, ‘Toe_R’, ‘Knee_R’, ‘Thigh_L’, ‘Calf_L’, ‘Foot_L’, ‘Toe_L’, ‘Knee_L’, ‘Feet_Direction’], excludeJoints=[‘Head’, ‘Neck’, ‘Chest’, ‘Mid’, ‘Shoulder_R’, ‘Arm_R’, ‘Forearm_R’, ‘Hand_R’, ‘Fingers_1_R’, ‘Fingers_2_R’, ‘Thumb_R’, ‘Elbow_R’, ‘Bow’, ‘Bow_String’, ‘Arrow’, ‘Cape_1’, ‘Cape_2’, ‘Cape_3’, ‘Cape_4’, ‘Shoulder_L’, ‘Arm_L’, ‘Forearm_L’, ‘Hand_L’, ‘Fingers_1_L’, ‘Fingers_2_L’, ‘Thumb_L’, ‘Elbow_L’, ‘Quiver’],overlapping=False)

I also used
print(, jointName=’*’, lodName=None))
to insure all joints from the character were added

The two lines of logic used for animating the actor is as follows:“draw”, partName=‘Upper’)“walk+draw”, partName=‘Lower’, restart=0, fromFrame=5, toFrame=33)

It seems like there was a joint (maybe ‘Stomach’?) that was supposed to be influenced by both animations, but now is only getting influenced by one. To solve this, you would need to tweak the animations to make sure they do not modify joints outside of their subpart.

However, it should be noted that Blender’s animation layers are closer to Panda’s animation blending than using subparts.