Animation Issue

I’m having an issue playing my animation.

Here is my code:

player = Actor('models/player.egg',{

here is the scene without the animation: … missue.jpg

and here is the scene with the animation: … ssue_2.jpg

I’ve tried setting the scale, resetting the xform, exporting only some parts of the character (has same issue except it seems to stretch vertical)

I’m sure its a known issue but I can t seem to find the answer here on the forums…

thanks in advance…

Maybe you are having trouble with filenames, what is your modeler software?

If Blender, the chicken exporter actually .81, has the compatibility of exporting animations, export first the mesh player.egg, then export the animation separately, deselect the single file button in chicken and then select Animation only, then set the first and last frame and frame rate and then choose a name in the textspace, don’t forget to select output mesh file the same at your previous output egg file, in your case “player.egg”, if not, animation will not run. Finally you can set the Pview button if your animation is going well.

An observation, you don`t need to set extension filename “egg” in your code, (this just for egg models) not like that with mp3, jpg, or avi filename extensions.

just a guess of mine… but could it be possible that your armature’s center and the center of your mesh are not in the same spot (or generaly have not the same transforms? (this is based on an old error i once had with x-files, might be totaly not related to your issue)

@ digimikeh
I’m using max - I’ve exported like im supposed to following what the wiki says.

thanks for the advice on the filenames, I wasn’t aware.

@ ThomasEgi

By armature do you mean my skeleton? (biped / rig)

The centre of my mesh is located at the base of his feet, much like I’ve done for characters in all the other engines i’ve used. (by centre of mesh I mean the pivot point)

thanks for the responses so far