Animation Issue

For some reason, when loading a new Actor I made along with a single animation, the animation will not play. There are no error messages printed to the cmd.

I have the animation set to loop, but that actor is not animation.

It would help if you provided more information, like the code that you’re using, or the model.

This is just a wild guess, but perhaps you are not keeping around a reference to the Actor object, and it gets garbage collected (which makes the animation stop)?

self.NWaters = Actor(MYGameDIR+"datacab/abusnecro/NWaters", {"NRipple":MYGameDIR+"datacab/abusnecro/NAnim"});

self.NWaters.loop("NRipple", fromFrame=1, toFrame=89);

self.NWaters.setPlayRate(30.0, "NRipple");
self.NWaters.setBlend(frameBlend = True);
self.NWaters.setControlEffect("NRipple", 1.0);


Discovered the problem. I figured it would be that…