Animation concerns with max 7

Hello all,
I’m an artist new to the Panda community and have a few questions re: exporting animation. Any help is appreciated.

  1. Does Panda support History Independent IK bone animation from max 7? If so, are there any special concerns that I need to observe?

  2. Does Panda support Character Studio 4? I’ve exported a few eggs with biped animation and none of them have worked. I can see the models and the textures, but the character does not animate. The biped shows up in the animation window and I set the frames correctly. What could be the problem and how do I fix it?

  3. When I try to export IK bones animation, I can see the bones in the export window but not the IK solvers that have the animation on them. s this a problem and how do I solve it?

Again, any help is good. I need to figure out this pipleline for an important freelance job.

note - ric444 and I are working on this problem.

  • Josh

What is your schedule like Friday after 1pm? I’d like to stop down after my classes and go over the max/Panda issues. I wanted to stop down Tuesday, but I have to prep classes and grade lots of work for AIP.
Let me know what time works and I’ll be there.