Animation by Percentage

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Is there a function available to the Actor class that can allow me to animate it by percentage?

Say for instance, i have an animation called “Walk”. Half way (that’ll be 50%) through that animation pose of the model is the left leg is raised forward while the right leg is on the ground. And if I use that function, something like:


…the pose would be the one i described.

Does a function/method like this exist? I’m looking for something like this so I would have complete control over what pose gets displayed every game loop.

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welcome to panda 3d.

i guess what you’r looking for is called “blending” of is supported by panda. see the manual section about it:

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ps sorry for the very short reply but i am in a hurry right now :slight_smile:

It’s not exactly as how you described it but you can use the AnimControl class (described in Actor Animations) to do what you need.

class PercentAnimControl:

    def __init__(self, actor, anim):
        self.animControl = actor.getAnimContrl(anim)
        # Fake subclassing, taking all the attributes of AnimControl
        # Not necessary but nice and convenient
        for attr in dir(self.animControl):
            if attr != 'pose':
                setattr(self, attr, getattr(self.animContrl, attr))
        self.total_frames = self.getNumFrames()

    def pose(self, pose_value):
        if type(pose_value) is float:
            # Value clamping, so values > 0.0, < 1.0
            pose_value = min(1.0, pose_value)
            pose_value = max(0.0, pose_value) 

So to use it:

walkControl = PercentAnimControl(actor_instance, 'walk')

Thanks a lot Thomas and ZeroByte. And apologies for the late reply. I sorta had problems accessing the forums the yesterday.

I’ll try your suggestions now. I will get back here and post another reply if it works.

Thanks :smiley: