animating model from mocap file

Hi people,

I glad to see Panda3d has such an active community. I am trying to use the engine for a university project and I was wondering whether anyone can help me. My goal is to animate a 3d model, using real time motion capture data. For now, I would just like to know how to set up a character in maya in order to be able to control independant joints in the engine.

Do the models have to be rigged in a specific way?

My aim for now is to take a mocap file, identify the data for lets say the moving of the hands, and apply that animation to a model inside the engine.

Any advices/help would be appreciated.


it looks like a hard problem.

But its really just a data conversion problem mocap -> which panda3d animations to play. Sorry i dont think any one have great experence with this.

if you know how to read mo-cap files its less a problem. you can set bone rotations directly withing panda at realtime. there is a chapter in the manual about it.