Animating actor changes size, shading, and culling of node

For some reason, calling play() on an actor is doing weird things. As you can see in the attached image, the animated ninja ninja on the right is a little less than twice as large and uses vertex lighting. It also disappears when the camera points above the center of the model. The model culls normally in every other direction. These issues only occur when I call play() on the actor, as the ninja on the left is also an actor using the same model file.

I tried using the Blender monkey model to see if the problems would happen again. On this actor, the size and shading are not affected, but it has the same culling issue. Why are these things happening?

In case it’s important, I am using Blender and the YABEE exporter.

Hmm… Are you perhaps scaling any of the bones in your armature?

Ah! Apparently, I forgot to apply scaling on the armature. I thought I had done that already. That seems to have solved everything. Thank you!

Was trying to use this for characters unfortunately due to the crummy lameos at PayPal cannot link my prepaid Visa up to get paid ver, free ver 2.40 will export.X but blender does not accept that file. Planned path was to use MetaS to do geometry and export back to Blender for boning and animation. Cannot get Makehuman and Blender to work together either… everything is at a standstill.