Animated model invisible

:smiley: Hello, I’m having a problem with animated models, use the PView to view my animation and it works perfectly, when trying to load the same model in the Panda it does not load, everything works perfectly, but I can not see my animated model, the console does not shows no errors, the animation is invisible.

:arrow_right: - Blender 2.49b
:arrow_right: - chicken export R91
:arrow_right: - Panda 1.7.2
:arrow_right: - python 2.6.2
:arrow_right: - OS Windows XP Service Pack 2

I use this example as a basis
just change the model of the panda

Please help me :frowning:

PS: I tried to seek a solution in existing topic, but did not find, sorry if I duplicated any topic was not my intention :smiley:

Is it possible that the model is simply not positioned in front of your camera? By default, if you parent a model to render, it is placed at (0,0,0), which is the same initial position as the camera–so unless you do something different, the camera will be inside the model and won’t be able to see it.


- My hero, thank you :blush: