animated male character from 3ds?

I like the look of this for a game I have on the go: … /ID/530152

Before I spend my 17 dollars… anyone any idea what I’m in for in terms of pipeline? My ideal would simply be 3ds to Blender to Egg… and it would magically work in Panda with the animations included. Usually not that simple though!


Well… I had this problem too, and after a haaaarrd time trying, I get it working fully with only one exporter.

So the short answer is: Try to export/import as SMD.

I suppose you don’t have 3DMAX to export, but I think you can use the trial to do that.

I tried various others exports (the entire list of max and blender) and always get some weird things…
Here is what I did (maybe not the best way, but worked for me).

Export animation from MAX to SMD.
Export object from MAX to OBJ (I didn’t want it triangulated while editing in blender (maybe you don’t need this))

Import SMD in Blender.
Changed the mesh to the OBJ file. Note that I take some care doing that, assigning the armature of OBJ mesh to the model armature before I delete the old mesh. This, incredibly keeps the vertex weight and didn’t mess up anything even a bit!


Hope it helps.
I made this because I’d like to work in blender.
To get the model to Panda3D, simply use the Chicken Exporter.

The SMD works in blender 2.5 and I think Chicken at 2.49.

If you have 3dsmax, you can also just use the Panda3D 3dsmax exporter.

It’s riged with maxs biped system so if you have max then just use max to export to egg (as per manual), the animations will work. If it was rigged with dummies or normal geometry then the animations would not work.
If you want to move it from max to blender then collada is a good format that both programs support, just don’t use maxs buildin exporter, download the open collada plugin.

It migth be tricky if you don’t have 3ds max. The ‘.max’ is only for max no other program can open these (and it’s version dependend). The ‘.3ds’ format can be opened by some other programs but I don’t know if animations will work good.

Thanks all. I don’t have 3ds and I’m working entirely on linux (guess it may run using wine, but I don’t want to be time constrained with a trial and I don’t want to pay the large price tag!).

Guess I was hoping/pondering if the 3ds importer for blender would work (as in, pull in animations), then straight out to egg.

Might be worth a try. :slight_smile:


Try this file:

It’s a simple animation, there’s also a egg file to compare.

If it works then the file from turbosquid should work as well.

Well… In my case, I needed the model in blender with quads.
The collada exchange didn’t work well (although I think it’ll work for almost all static models). I really tried to get collada working (I tried with 3 differents plugins), but the SMD was really the only format I could export/import without a problem.

The collada worked for static, but for animated models, I can’t get it working properly… (Maybe was something wrong in my models? Like dummies… - it certainly had - I dunno how max deal with it).

Thanks again.

Wezu - I tried the model you provided. In blender, I import 3ds, then export to egg, no anim options. In blender, still with imported version, if I render animation - nothing.

So I’m guessing the 3ds importer just doesn’t do animations.


I checked again and it looks like ‘.3ds’ don’t actually save skinning, so when I load these files into 3ds max, I only see the bones moving but the mesh is not animated at all.