Angels Fall First: Iron Angels

hmm i thought i stuck it here before… but vanished

download: …


Wow. That is awesome work! Congratulations!

Something for Panda3D to show off… Why not add some screenshots to the screenshots section here?

because i waiting for the site layout to get better!

Is there some multiplayer stuff in it?

I’ve got a full clan of hardcore gamer ready to test it if there is some multiplayer on it

No we tried to do it but it looks like this will be a UT3 mod instead. If they play UT3 they will not miss it.

I like the additional art assets you created for it!
Thats the way to go, to have a a good website.
I guess ut3 is mod friendly?
I seem to remember it costing a million dollars to license
the actual complete engine, which you would have to be a
lunatique to pay for, but it seems that Game Informer magazine
has something on mods every month. I’m looking into modding
my copy of doom 3 if I hit a wall again with panda.

ut3 costs 300,000 to license obviously mod will be free.

I like your ubuntu Setup, nice…

hey treeform

how is this game progress??

i realy wanna play it

i am excited about your second atterean war so this one also should be good!