An opportunity for newbies

Coding and modeling are two different worlds… I had to learn both in order to start the creation of my game and I’m glad I did it the hard way!

But why not creating a repository of few .egg files for new comers ?
That way, they will be able to use some available trees, rocks or houses to directly start coding few lines and then see if Panda is good for them or not.
Not something big, just more catchy than the smiley/ frowney and more personnal than samples exemples.
Maybe also highlight more Alice gallery…
I’m sure most of Panda users are having obsolet files (used and will be used anymore) that can be shared.

Also, here’s a cool info for all which may be usefull (specially for 3DS people) where we can also gather few catchy egg and textures and propose them to eventual new comers.

There used to be a downloadable archive of about 200 mbyte in the download section, don’t know where it is now.

It’s still there: … =1.7.0&sdk