An errorless crash on deleting an actor

I’m encountering an odd issue: deleting an Actor (that is to say, calling Actor.delete) seems to cause my game to crash – and without any apparent error output.

One point that might be wort noting is that I’m using a custom sub-class of Actor that automatically uses “setControlEffect” to blend between animations. At the moment I don’t see anything in it that seems likely to be causing the problem, but it’s not impossible that I’m mistaken.

There certainly shouldn’t be a hard crash resulting from a call to Actor.delete(), so something more subtle may be going on. If you can narrow down precisely the circumstances of the crash, it may be helpful.


Hmm… It doesn’t appear to happen in a simple deletion test, using either Actor or my custom subclass, but it happens consistently in my main project.

In fact, come to think of it, it only appears to happen when the deletion is part of a certain action, so I should look at that, methinks.

I’ll look into this further and report back soon, I intend!