An Egg Converter?

Just out of curiousity, but do you guys think an Egg Converter would be useful? As in, for batch Egg-ing.

'cuz I made one a while back for my own project, and I’m not sure whether it would be helpful to others.

It currently has:

a) Ability to Egg multiple files in a folder
b) Ability to choose what type of Egg file, and the specifications
c) Re-naming of the Egg file which appears
d) Code replacement, where you can choose where to add lines of text you create in the created egg files.

And does anyone have any suggestions for extra features? 'cuz I’m not too sure how to improve on it further…

P.S It is currently only for Maya

egg-trans is already a tool that can do such a thing. Or do you mean to create a GUI tool?

Well… Its a GUI created by wxPython. Gonna make it into an .exe after I’m done.

But… … egg-trans?

It wouldn’t be that hard, just make a small script to walk through a folder and convert all x,dae,and maya files(by extention).

import os
for (path, dirs, files) in os.walk(dir):
   if find(".maya")!=-1:
      os.system("maya2egg %s %s.egg" % (g,g))
   if find(".x")!=-1:
      os.system("x2egg %s %s.egg" % (g,g))
   if find(".dae")!=-1:
      os.system("dae2egg %s %s.egg" % (g,g))

something like that would do it. I didn’t test this, but I don’t see any bugs in it.