Amalgamation of Freeware

I couldnt help but notice the lack of commercial software that brags about supporting Panda3D. As someone who is using The GIMP (with InsaneBump), Blender (with MakeHuman, MakeClothes), L3DT and Panda3D, all with Python 3, the question came up:
Why arent these programs working more in unison?

Surely that would encourage improvement software development from the commercial sector. Is there some politics I am unaware of, (apart from L3DT having a commercial end product), that would prevent these products from amalgamating their workflow apart from relying on .png and .obj or .dae files? I’m sure I dont need to remind anyone of the hassle of moving stuff from one program to another.

Other non-commercial game engines get commercial support, why not us?