Alteration of file names in Multifiles

I’m current working with Multifiles, and have a concern arising from a note in the API:

The API notes in the descriptions of the “addSubfile” methods that the file’s name may be modified slightly when added. What determines whether or not the file-name is altered, andho might it be altered?

I’m concerned about having difficulty finding a given file in cases in which the name may have been altered, but would rather not end up keeping some sort of dictionary written to disc in order to match up original file names with any altered versions…

It just cleans up degenerate cases.

(1) Filename.standardize() is called to replace consecutive slashes with a single slash, remove a trailing slash, and back up over embedded “…/” sequences.

(2) After that, pathnames that begin with a leading slash, or pathnames that begin with “./”, have that sequence removed.


Aah, that’s a relief – thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile: