Already have Python. How to install Panda3D on Windows?

Hi. I’m pretty new to Panda3D, just downloaded the installer, and then I noticed that Panda3D comes with it’s own copy of Python. I already have a version of Python on my computer, with a lot of modules that I use. Is there a way to install Panda3D without getting a new copy of Python?

If I remember correctly I just ran the installer as normal, but use ppython to run my panda3d stuff. ie. ppython in DOS and in the directory where is.

The thing is, I use SPE, which I run using the python which was already on my PC. I want to be able to run scripts directly from SPE, and also to be able to read the modules and functions doc-strings.

I believe the windows installer will detect if you have an installation of Python and ask you at the end of the install process if you want to use Panda’s own python or the currently installed python. If you just clicked through all the dialogs like I did once in windowsland its still possible to change it to your current python install. I believe this involves right clicking on “My Computer”>Properties>Advanced tab>Environment Variables and removing the path to panda’s python. Then you have to go to your python installation folder, “Lib(s)/site-packages” (a little fuzzy on this path) and create a file there called Panda.pth. Inside this file put the paths to your panda installation and /bin, so something like:


Those are backslashes, even in windows.

Thanks. Actually, I first put it simply into my Python folder. When I run the scripts it works. But do you know a way to make the doc-strings appear? When I use SPE nothing appears, and it;s kinda frustrating.

By the way, is there a plug-in, an exporter for Blender to use with Panda3D?

There is indeed. :slight_smile:

I use the R44 version, which seems to work well (depsite the “unstable” label).