Alpha blending problem

Hello everyone.
I want to create some rain by create a plane in front of camera.

I texture it with rain.png ( the background is transparent )

and I write the code like this

self.p = loader.loadModel(MYDIR+"/models/plane")
	ts = TextureStage('ts')
	pattern = loader.loadTexture(MYDIR+"/models/rain.png")
	self.p.setTexture(ts, pattern)
	self.p.setTexScale(ts, 1, 1)
	self.p.setTexOffset(ts, -4, -2)

then I want a result like this (background is blue)

but it show like this

Why was it not transparent? :blush:

it’s because the node doesn’t have any TransparencyAttrib applied.
set it then :


use transparency mode which fits your need.

Woww!!! It’s work!
Thank you very much “ynjh_jo” ^ ^