Allow Topic Only Search in Forum

It would be awesome if the search in these forums allowed one to search in topics only. Right now any search MUST search through post bodies. That brings up a ton of useless chaff.

I agree the search for the forum is a real big pain.

I don’t use the forum search at all. I use google to search, and use a couple of commands to limit it to the forums. I usually get a lot more reliable results that way.

I search for something like this:

keyword keyword inurl:phpbb2

Of course if would also be cool if we had a stackoverflow-clone like Unity3d guys:

But it breaks the community slightly i think…
PS: But it would keep the same questions from popping up

The forum software will have to be replaced eventually, it’s really old. So putting work into customizing it is probably a waste of time.

In the meantime I use google for searching in titles, for example, you can google the following:


I’ve added google search to the forum search page, I’ve also added instructions to search in titles with the method explained above. This should greatly help people find topics, the current search has many shortcomings, the most troublesome being that it ignores “c++” as a keyword.

It is not “customizing”. Stackoverflow-like system is a completely different way of Q&A. Have you visited them?

Well, it’s a modification of phpbb2 to suit your purposes so that’s why I call it customizing. Or do you suggest we do it from scratch?

In any case, that system is a little dehumanizing, bad for something like this, I think. Also I don’t see how it prevents the same questions from being asked again. The only improvement is that you find the answer quickly inside a thread.

In any case, I think we’ll have less repeated questions now with the google search in place.

No it is not a phpbb2 hehe. In fact it was made with mvc.asp. In any case - I just checked, and it seems they only have Paid version, which is very expensive (130$/month):

Also, the way they prevent Duplicate questions is by automatically doing a Search for what you type in your question Title and Body.
The “ranking” or points system adds some nice encouragement for answering questions.

In any case, that’s all not important now that i saw the pricings, and figured out it was Not open source.