Hi guys,

I’ve started a personal project, based on Panda3D, called “AlivE”:

It’s inspired by an old videogame, Jurassic Park: Trespasser:

It’s not a remake or another “Jurassic Park”-related game but it “takes” from Trespasser the isle setting and, obviously, a lot of dinosaurs! :slight_smile:

I’ve sketched the main character, Rudolf “Rude”:

And, finally, a (WIP) 3d model of a raptor (deinonychus):

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

ah I tried that game (ages ago) - it had the worst game control mechanic ever seen before that driven me crazy after 10 minutes but was indeed inspiring on a certain extent and beside the high stakes it took, was a nice try.
Love that sketches - looks so good. Have you already planned out the gameplay?

Yes, of course: it’s a 1st/3rd-person shooter. The game will be focused on the fact the protagonist (a survivor) is alone on the island with a lot of theoretically-extinct creatures, so guns will be rare and the player must learn to use the environment to survive, with physics-based traps and makeshift weapons.

But don’t worry: no “free-arm-control” in this game! :wink:

I like the plot a lot (pun intended) - btw it happen that I’m actually ending my collision tutorial and I already planned to start another soon, while studying ODE physics (a matter of a couple of days I guess) so perhaps I could be of some use to help you out - just inquire me about what you would see in this tutorial related to what you’re going to put in your game and I’ll see to dig it.

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

A small update of raptor’s 3d model:

Wow, looks like a really neat idea. Can’t wait to see/play the game:) Something about shooting dinosaurs seems like fun… that and zombies…

After long time, a small update on this project.

Say “hello” to Rudolf, the main character:

It’s not finished but the model is in a good stage of development :slight_smile:

What’s the poly count of this model?
Nice textures

The model in the picture has a “subsurface” modifier applied, so the mesh is smoother than the real one but the final effect, with a normal map generated from this “high-poly” model, will be very similar.

The final poly count (of the low-poly model) is of 1180 quads (2360 tris).