AI Demo using PhysX

Well, this is a project made for college by me and two more students, the objective of this work is to implement agents that must go to certain goal avoiding obstacles using Potential Function-Based Movement.
Also, we’ve made simple chasing and evading algorithms.

It uses the physics engine Physx and it was based on the demo made by enn0x (who also has done the integration of Physx with Panda) shown in:

All the models we took from the site of Panda.
In this demo you control Sonic, Tails follows him, and through a menu you can add: agents and their goal, ‘ralphs’ who runs away from you and obstacles like boxs, balls, trees and ‘pueblos’.

For now, only for Windows, cause there’s still not yet NxPanda compiled to Linux (I think).

To run this, you need, besides Panda, a driver of Physx installed, you can get it here:

The code, sounds and models can be downloaded here:

Some pictures:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile: There’s still a lot of things to improve, and of course, bugs to fix. Probably the next work of the course will be a extension of this one, so then we can add more here in the future.

Sounds kewl! I’d love to try it out, but since there doesn’t appear to be a PhysX for Linux, i guess I’m out of luck.

Yeah, its no good. I wish we could run this on linux too.

Well, a few days ago we made a new work:

It still needs the Physx driver:

All the source code was made in english, but the game now is in portuguese.

Some 3D models are from here (Ralph, Eve, Monster…), some came from the previous demo, others we took from another websites and some we made it.

In this game you must kill all the mosquitos with your spray, and then you face the virus itself. The mosquitos have an AI implemented with finite state machines, they reproduce in water, attack enemy, search for water, etc. They have a field of view, so you can bust it behind…

In the main menu you can change between two stages (easy and hard), go to “Opções” and switch between “Nivel Facil” (easy) and “Nivel Dificil” (hard). And play the game in “Arcade”.

W, A, S, D to move.
F: pass the talk.
Click to shoot.
V to change view.
1-2 to switch spray/axe.
Space: jump.
Wheel button: camera distance.


Wow. Looks awesome! Some more lighting applied, and detail texturing, and you almost have a commercial-quality game!

Great job!!! i’ll learn it. thx Cronos.

Hmmm… looks like I am going around advertising :slight_smile:

looks quite nice. If you are interested in getting away from rapidshare with all its advertising, you can also place your files here:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Thanks pro-rsoft and weihuan! pro-rsoft, next time I’ll look more about lightings and textures (well, this not so much, since I’m not an artist :astonished:)

bigfoot29, thanks for the space, great to have this! I’ve made a request.


keep up the good work with all this physics stuff looks very promising.