AGPL P2P UGC MMO project looking for someone to make Doom style lvl editor 250USD bounty

Hello I’m developing a Peer2Peer MMO.
It’s User Generated Contend focused aiming to be Roblox-like programming with Second Life’s Avatar’s.
but I can’t do it all by myself.

I’m not fond of GUI programming so am looking to pay someone to get the basics done so I have a nice flashy prototype that’s playable to gather some attention and hopefully ether volunteers or for a crowdfunding to hire a developer.

Not only the The World exceed it’s target,it’s the third result when you google “open source MMORPG”(with quotes It’s 8th without them),

I want something like the 2D view of DoomBuilder for editing the sectors

The levels will be like Doom with floor and ceiling texture then the walls will have a upper middle and lower or a portal to another map you should be able to change the wall, ceiling and Floor textures and shift and rotate them. The minimap will render the portals like ASCIIpOrtal You should be able to set the POV for the portals at any point not just the center of the Minimap If a wall has multiple portals you should render the one that is at the height of the POV.

Objects should have a radius and no be able to go through solid walls. You should have to compile or back the maps Basic load and save functionality is required you free to use any file format you want as long at it documented.

Contact me to make sure the bounties still open